Strength in Mind & Body


The Happiness Bootcamp was founded by Aimee Browes in 2016 when she realised how beneficial exercise was to mental wellbeing after being let down by mental health services, and by 2018 Aimee was joined by Laura Gray and the bootcamp became a social enterprise.

Over the last 4 years, they have taught workshops, fitness classes and personal trained people all over the country proving that The Happiness Bootcamp, is the place to teach how exercise can support you mentally and not just physically.


When beginning The Happiness Bootcamp, one thing hit us about the fitness industry, it is not accessible to all. With personal training sessions averaging between £30-£40 an hour, and public gyms feeling like an intimidating space with a lack of privacy, this means exercise is not accessible to people with mental health issues or low incomes.

We never want to charge those prices so have kept our prices low (plus created non interest payment methods) and opened a small private studio with 1 to 1 access. With all of our fitness classes being online on demand, anyone can join in a class at whatever time is best for them.

We want exercise and fitness to be accessible to as many people as possible.


Due to our lower prices, funding is always something we try to access to make sure we pay our fitness professionals fairly for their incredible work. We are constantly looking for support in funding or sponsorship from companies and businesses who also want to help us grow and expand to allow more people to access exercise.

laura gray:

About me: Hello! I'm Laura. When I first met Aimee I loved what she was trying to achieve, and jumped at the chance to be involved. Having had anxiety since childhood, I know how much of an impact fitness and exercise can have on your mental health, and now want to help others see how much it can change theirs. It's my mission to help you grow in confidence and strength. Having a private space to train people has amazing benefits to your health.

I have become involved in the Fitness Industry for the past 3 years and am now qualified in Fitness and Personal Training with a Level 3 Diploma.

(I also have a creative business - check it out! Visit my Etsy shop)


  • Currently studying for an Advanced Diploma Diet in and Nutrition Level 5

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • HNC Photography

  • GSVQ Design Level 3 (photography option)

  • International officer for the student’s association committee & class representative Aberdeen College

Aimee left the bootcamp in March 2021 and is now Health & Wellbeing Coach for Westfield Health