• An initial zoom call to learn about you and your goals but for you to also meet us and ask us anything.


  • A workout plan that is personalised to you for the duration of your sessions, no copying and pasting here. Each plan is designed for YOU.


  • A well-being guide and support for your mental wellbeing if needed.


  • Either weekly in person 1 to 1 OR a Zoom online session where we work together to hit those goals!

  • Access to your choice of fitness classes each week through a private page on our website.


  • Nutritional Guidance (if wanted)


  • ​WHATSAPP support with us (Mon-Fri 9-5)

This is not your normal coaching, we put your wellbeing first. Don't want to weigh yourself? That's fine! Don't want to track calories? Also fine! Our goal is to help you find a love for exercise, feel confident and happy while hitting YOUR GOALS. Our job is to educate you so you go away knowing exactly how you can achieve that.

No contracts, no joining fee, no pressure

For more information and prices please email us at:

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